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Merry Christmas and a happy new year !

I know, I know. It is awful on how poorly news has been put out here. We have not taken in the horses yet, are still fixing the stable but we did take Hróðný and Bleikur in yesterday and I put shoes on them as well. Svali has gone off for a training again to Agnar and Birna and Linsa is sold to Switzerland. We have so many horses for sale so even if you don’t find it on our sale page, please mail us and tell us what you are looking for. Our email address is esteranna@internet.is

Svali3Linsa 2

Svali when he was 1 year old and Linsa and her former owner Jón Björn.

Here are few photos of horses for sale !

Djarfur1 Djarfur2


Djarfur an great 4 gated gelding with charisma !


The 5 year old twins Arður and Auðlind after Rut and Auður from Lundum !

Jór1Þrymur 2

Jór and Þrymur after Auður from Lundum and Kappi from Komma.

Sveifla Sveifla

Sveifla a breeding mare judged with total score as 7.77 as a 4 gaiter.

Hugmynd og Hátíð2 Hugmynd og Hátíð

Hátíð a breeding mare judged with total score of 7.95 !

And we have more and more !


Here is a small video of young Svali after only 3 weeks of total training ! He is such a cute boy.

Photos from Germany

Here are some photos from happy buyers in Germany. First it is Hanna two boys Póker og Páfi which are brothers. Hanna came and worked for us at Hólakot and bought Póker and exported him and than little later she bought Páfi as a foal and is now starting to train him. Póker is the red and Páfi the grey.

IMG-20151005-WA0001 IMG-20151001-WA0020


Than just recently Frökk went to her owner Susanne. She is just 1 years old but Susanne bought her as a foal. She bought a mare from us Króna few years ago so also a second buy for her. These photos Susanne send me when she got Frökk to Germany.

12248456_892638117440483_2039482051_o 12228128_892636727440622_1890511720_o 12248366_892636697440625_1151297061_o 12250471_892636770773951_102747415_o


Svali went for a straining to Agnar and Birna at Garðshorn and after only 2 and a 1/2 week he was trained enough at this time. I took video of him but somehow I lost my camera and have not been able to find it again. As soon as I will do I will post out some clip of him under rider.

Svali og Frami

Autumn break

Now we have given most of the horses a break from training until late December or beginning of January. We are going to keep on working with the stable and hopefully we will finish it now. Auðbjörn is now in Switzerland helping out with horses and on holiday as well. This young gelding is only 5 years old and is a perfect riding horse after the great stallion Kappi from Komma ! The price on this good looking gelding with great tölt is very low ! Please contact us for more information ! Þrymur from Þverá.

Þrymur 1 Þrymur 2


And here are finally some photos of the three lovely mares Gola, Kría and París which all are at the same farm in Germany and belongs to two family’s. We will visit them all in June next year!







Gola1 Gola2 Gola3 Gola4 Gola5 Gola6 Gola7 Gola8 Gola9 Gola10 Gola11 Gola12 Gola13 Gola14 Gola15 Gola16 Gola17 Gola18 Gola19 Gola20 Gola21 Gola22 Gola23 Gola24 Gola25 Gola26 Gola27 Gola28 Gola29 Gola30



Hrímfaxi is a good riding horse which we have for sale. He is big and very calm and friendly. Very easy to catch outside. Could fit for lighter competitions.

Contact us if you search for a horse like Hrímfaxi or something else.

More video

Here are some more video shots taken today and Sunday.

These are the sisters María Björk and Anna Kristín riding Gleði and Brenna.

These are Anna Kristín and my mare Nöf, great 4 gated mare.

And this is Anna Kristín riding our gelding Vandi which we like very much.

More video

Now I finally added out a video taken early last winter of Blóma when she recently started to tölt ! Click on Blóma name to watch it !Than here are more video taken few days ago !

First a small clip of Snörp which is always very nice.

Than Bleikur and Anna Kristín that always are so good together.

Than last but not least Auður Karen on her two mares Birta and Koldís.

And the final one an absolute star, at least in my eye. Meistari is for sure a champion.


Few horses are now sold and some new ones are available. We have now had our lambs judged and it went quite well. Today we had to choose who to send away and who we will keep. We decided to keep all the females and two of our best males to cover with as well. Than yesterday Jón Björn took some video shots when we rode by on some of our horses and here below are some clips.

These are three 4 years old mares we own and two are breed by us and one we bought as a foal. They are quite promising and we look forward to next winter. First one is Auðdís after our Rut and than comes Díva after Stilling ( sold ) and last but not least María sister to our Magdalena.

This is 5 year old son of the famous Kappi from Komma named Þrymur. He recently started to tölt and he is on our sale list.

Hroði is a 4 year old gelding breed by us and we just started light training this summer and now he has a break. Hroði is the biggest horse we have owned but he is 1.50 by stick !

New stallion for sale !

Now I have added out new young blue dun stallion for sale ! Check out Ýmir and mail us for further info !

Ýmir 4


I took these photos of the girl riding few days ago and I must say that Birta and Koldís under Auður control are getting very good !

Birta Birta1 Birta2 Birta3 Birta4 Koldís5 Koldís Koldís1 Koldís2 Koldís3 Koldís4

And Anna coming on my Aría and her Bleikur always stands out.

Aría Bleikur2 Bleikur


These two are siblings from the same mother, my favorite Dúdda. Gola ( black with snip ) was born at our friends place and he owned her until last February. Gaur on the other hand is born and raised at Hólakot/Gásir. Gola is 10 years old and Gaur ( bay ) is 4 years old. Both are very nice horses and we have now sold Gola to Germany.

11944574_10206445848136868_47187080_n (1) 11913565_10206445845736808_1355114492_n 11759493_10206445839496652_1588759674_n 11921897_10206445840136668_1138899548_n


And these are the 5 years old brothers Arður ( for sale ) and Jór ( also for sale ) both after Auður from Lundum and there mothers are also sisters.

11909757_10206445847616855_197213993_n 11931638_10206445846456826_867393813_n

New great horse for sale !

 I have added out one special gelding out for sale now. Check out Sirkill. A lot has been going on and so little time to write something on our page. We have already done all the hay for the horses but we will try to make some special ones for the sheep’s later. The training are going well but we have way to many horses to ride and train.  We have few quite interested horses for sale on VERY good prices. The girls have started in school again which we think starts way to early. Don’t hesitate to mail us and ask we have what you are looking for.
ArðurBlóma2Kría1ÞrymurJór1Sæludís 6

Home again.

Now I am home again after fantastic trip to Denmark watching great horses at WM in Herning. I think the best moments were seeing Þokki and Krístín on slow tempo tölt both in 4 gait and in T1 when they came WORLD CHAMPIONS ! I went with my son Jón Björn and our friend Andrés and we had great time. I don’t have any photos to show you since I did not take any. Today was a busy day in the stable and I counted 17 feet’s that I did shoe today and among that was two 5 years old geldings getting shoes for the first time. I will maybe continue tomorrow to shoe some horses but we have some hay we need to take care of as well and I wan’t to ride as well some horses. On Thursday we will sonar test the mares from Bátur and hopefully he has done a great job. Here are some photos taken of the young horses before going up to the mountain.

11655555_10204582904277100_2104388353_n 11655290_10204582902757062_1102697959_n

Náð and Dalrós.



11655284_10204582897276925_977625285_n 11652161_10204582900196998_1903276794_n

Ester and Prinsessa.



11651012_10204582874276350_416956414_n 11304150_10204582897436929_881685351_n

Freisting and Náð.


11303616_10204582875396378_1156541298_n 11304126_10204582874916366_1063918090_n

Nett and Brák.



11311714_10204582874716361_1855014120_n 11292005_10204582904797113_2120218930_n

Jóna and Blíða.




11118025_10204582901477030_210005022_n 11647226_10204582875316376_1979611985_n

Dimma and Freydís.



11638108_10204582875836389_1016331490_n 11650631_10204582898356952_907114291_n

Hending and Mýkt.



11650849_10204582902717061_578657285_n 11650604_10204582896476905_1859039856_n

Dalrós and Framtíð.






Hroði og Maren

Hroði is a 4 year old HUGE gelding we breed and own. Anna Kristín is training him since he is very nice and easy. He is 1.50 cm by stick ! Hroði is brother to Happadís which Anna Kristín is also riding.

Anna og HroðiAuður og MarenHroði og Maren -Anna og Auður

Anna and Hroði before riding trip this morning. Auður Karen and Maren.

Hroði 3 Hroði 2 Hroði 1 Hroði


Auður Karen having fun on her Maren and riding pace with loos rains :)


Maren maren1 Maren3 Maren2


The training is going well and we are riding and training quite many horses each day now. We still have though not started on 5 geldings which we will start any day now. Auður Karen rides Auðlind all over and Anna Kristín does the same with Hroði. Soon they will be able to ride Náma and Þrymur as well. Both Náma and Þrymur are for sale.


The girls of course keeps the older horses in training as well like Bleikur, Koldís and Nöf for example.

Bleikur Koldís Nöf

Than Auður rode Stjarna once for her sister and what a mare she is !

Stjarna1 Stjarna

Vaka Auðbjörn rode few days ago and she is older sister to Kría that is for sale here above. Same mother and Vaka father is Kría grandfather !

Vaka1 Vaka

And Magdalena and Markús are home again. Markús is a show horse running around with his tail and legs up in the air all the time but when I was ready to take photos he just posed for me.

Markús Magdalena og Markús

Two new mares for sale !

Now we offer two pinto young mares for sale ! Both of these mares have good pedigree and of course nice color.  First we introduce we Kría. She is only 4 years old but she is 144cm stick measure ! She has strong looking legs with massive hoof hair. Kría is easy in every handle and she has already gotten shoes. She is halter trained and shows good leg action. These photos were taken yesterday. Great price and opportunity ! Also possible to put her to a stallion both here at home or of your own choice. We have young Spuni son here which is very promising and would make a perfect match for her !

Kría3 Kría2 Kría Kría1 Kría hófskegg


Than there is Blóma born 2009 ridden. Most likely 5 gated but chooses trot but knows tölt. She has a 1.prize father and her mother was trained a bit under the saddle. Blóma might also give only pinto offspring’s because of her spceial dots all over her body. Both eyes are blue.

Blóma2 Blóma