Few horses are now sold and some new ones are available. We have now had our lambs judged and it went quite well. Today we had to choose who to send away and who we will keep. We decided to keep all the females and two of our best males to cover with as well. Than yesterday Jón Björn took some video shots when we rode by on some of our horses and here below are some clips.

These are three 4 years old mares we own and two are breed by us and one we bought as a foal. They are quite promising and we look forward to next winter. First one is Auðdís after our Rut and than comes Díva after Stilling ( sold ) and last but not least María sister to our Magdalena.

This is 5 year old son of the famous Kappi from Komma named Þrymur. He recently started to tölt and he is on our sale list.

Hroði is a 4 year old gelding breed by us and we just started light training this summer and now he has a break. Hroði is the biggest horse we have owned but he is 1.50 by stick !