Happadís IS2010264014 frá Hólakoti

F: Hófur frá Varmalæk 8.39happadis.jpghappadis_cute_face.jpghappadis_has_high_leg_action.jpgproud_mama_with_happadis.jpg

FF: Hróður fráRefsstöðum ( 8.39 )

FM: Kengála frá Varmalæk ( 8.09 )

M: Sparta frá Efra-Núpi

MF: Drangur frá Feti ( 7.76 )

MM: Perla frá Efra-Núpi


Both of us ( I and Auðbjörn ) wished for blue dun mare and that is what we got from Sparta our beautiful mare. So much looking forward to see her get on her feet and run. Hrifning ( Happadís sister ) we will start to train this Fall and Happadís is our first foal we breed from Sparta. Better pictures coming up in a day or two.

New pictures taken June 2010


New picture taken September 2010


New pictures taken 04.01.2011


New photos taken 10.07.2011


New photos taken 07.11.2012 and at that time Happadís is already 139 stick measure !


New photo taken 18.06.2013