The training is going well and we are riding and training quite many horses each day now. We still have though not started on 5 geldings which we will start any day now. Auður Karen rides Auðlind all over and Anna Kristín does the same with Hroði. Soon they will be able to ride Náma and Þrymur as well. Both Náma and Þrymur are for sale.


The girls of course keeps the older horses in training as well like Bleikur, Koldís and Nöf for example.

Bleikur Koldís Nöf

Than Auður rode Stjarna once for her sister and what a mare she is !

Stjarna1 Stjarna

Vaka Auðbjörn rode few days ago and she is older sister to Kría that is for sale here above. Same mother and Vaka father is Kría grandfather !

Vaka1 Vaka

And Magdalena and Markús are home again. Markús is a show horse running around with his tail and legs up in the air all the time but when I was ready to take photos he just posed for me.

Markús Magdalena og Markús