Home again.

Now I am home again after fantastic trip to Denmark watching great horses at WM in Herning. I think the best moments were seeing Þokki and Krístín on slow tempo tölt both in 4 gait and in T1 when they came WORLD CHAMPIONS ! I went with my son Jón Björn and our friend Andrés and we had great time. I don’t have any photos to show you since I did not take any. Today was a busy day in the stable and I counted 17 feet’s that I did shoe today and among that was two 5 years old geldings getting shoes for the first time. I will maybe continue tomorrow to shoe some horses but we have some hay we need to take care of as well and I wan’t to ride as well some horses. On Thursday we will sonar test the mares from Bátur and hopefully he has done a great job. Here are some photos taken of the young horses before going up to the mountain.

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Náð and Dalrós.



11655284_10204582897276925_977625285_n 11652161_10204582900196998_1903276794_n

Ester and Prinsessa.



11651012_10204582874276350_416956414_n 11304150_10204582897436929_881685351_n

Freisting and Náð.


11303616_10204582875396378_1156541298_n 11304126_10204582874916366_1063918090_n

Nett and Brák.



11311714_10204582874716361_1855014120_n 11292005_10204582904797113_2120218930_n

Jóna and Blíða.




11118025_10204582901477030_210005022_n 11647226_10204582875316376_1979611985_n

Dimma and Freydís.



11638108_10204582875836389_1016331490_n 11650631_10204582898356952_907114291_n

Hending and Mýkt.



11650849_10204582902717061_578657285_n 11650604_10204582896476905_1859039856_n

Dalrós and Framtíð.