Autumn break

Now we have given most of the horses a break from training until late December or beginning of January. We are going to keep on working with the stable and hopefully we will finish it now. Auðbjörn is now in Switzerland helping out with horses and on holiday as well. This young gelding is only 5 years old and is a perfect riding horse after the great stallion Kappi from Komma ! The price on this good looking gelding with great tölt is very low ! Please contact us for more information ! Þrymur from Þverá.

Þrymur 1 Þrymur 2


And here are finally some photos of the three lovely mares Gola, Kría and París which all are at the same farm in Germany and belongs to two family’s. We will visit them all in June next year!







Gola1 Gola2 Gola3 Gola4 Gola5 Gola6 Gola7 Gola8 Gola9 Gola10 Gola11 Gola12 Gola13 Gola14 Gola15 Gola16 Gola17 Gola18 Gola19 Gola20 Gola21 Gola22 Gola23 Gola24 Gola25 Gola26 Gola27 Gola28 Gola29 Gola30