Merry Christmas and a happy new year !

I know, I know. It is awful on how poorly news has been put out here. We have not taken in the horses yet, are still fixing the stable but we did take Hróðný and Bleikur in yesterday and I put shoes on them as well. Svali has gone off for a training again to Agnar and Birna and Linsa is sold to Switzerland. We have so many horses for sale so even if you don’t find it on our sale page, please mail us and tell us what you are looking for. Our email address is

Svali3Linsa 2

Svali when he was 1 year old and Linsa and her former owner Jón Björn.

Here are few photos of horses for sale !

Djarfur1 Djarfur2


Djarfur an great 4 gated gelding with charisma !


The 5 year old twins Arður and Auðlind after Rut and Auður from Lundum !

Jór1Þrymur 2

Jór and Þrymur after Auður from Lundum and Kappi from Komma.

Sveifla Sveifla

Sveifla a breeding mare judged with total score as 7.77 as a 4 gaiter.

Hugmynd og Hátíð2 Hugmynd og Hátíð

Hátíð a breeding mare judged with total score of 7.95 !

And we have more and more !