Snörp IS2009264010 frá Hólakoti

F: Hófur frá Varmalæk ( 8.39 )anna_and_snorp_audur_in_the_background.jpgsnorp_is_so_cute.jpgsnorp_well_raised_with_long_neck.jpg

FF: Hróður frá Refsstað ( 8.39 )

FM: Kengála frá Varmalæk ( 8.09 )

M: Næla frá Sauðanesi( 8.12 )

MF: Snorri frá Sauðanesi ( 8.29 )

MM: Saga frá Sauðanesi ( 7.75 )

Good looking mare foal that Auðbjörn was so lucky to get. She is well raised and shows god movements already on trot. Probably 4 gated like her father and very exiting to watch her grow up. Snörp has great gates and will be perfect for sport competitions and I guess she will turn up one day in such a competition. Snörp now belongs to Jón Björn.


Pictures taken July 2010


New photo taken 04.01.2011


New photos taken 10.07.2011



New riding photos taken 03.02.2014 and this is her first month in Tölt. Rider is Camilla Höj

Snörp 6 Snörp Snörp1 Snörp2 Snörp 4 Snörp 5