Meistari IS2009164009 frá Hólakoti

F: Flótti frá Borgarhóli ( 8.33 )godi_peeking.jpggodi_face.jpggodi_stand.jpg

FF: Hektor frá Akureyri ( 8.41 )

FM: Píla frá Borgarhóli ( 7.68 )

M: Rós frá Glæsibæ ( 7.42 ) 4 gaited

MF: Fönix frá Vík ( 7.92 )

MM: Vissa frá Glæsibæ ( 7.76 )


Finally he arrived, Meistari that is. We just could not remember when we took Rós home last year but it was very late and she seams to have got pregnant VERY late. Now she is with Markús from Langholtspartur and she will only stay for about 2 weeks so if she docent get pregnant at first ” heat ” after birth, we will just bring her to stallion VERY early next spring. Meistari is ” töffari ” for sure. He already shows high movements and if he will get the speed his sister Rut and his father Flótti has, he will be unbelievable fast.

New pictures of Meistari taken May 2010




New pictures taken August 2010


New photos taken 10.07.2011



New photo taken 18.06.2013



Finally some new pictures of Meistari taken 04.12.2014

Meistari 1 MeistariMeistari 4 Meistari 3 Meistari 2 Meistari beauty