Two new mares for sale !

Now we offer two pinto young mares for sale ! Both of these mares have good pedigree and of course nice color.  First we introduce we Kría. She is only 4 years old but she is 144cm stick measure ! She has strong looking legs with massive hoof hair. Kría is easy in every handle and she has already gotten shoes. She is halter trained and shows good leg action. These photos were taken yesterday. Great price and opportunity ! Also possible to put her to a stallion both here at home or of your own choice. We have young Spuni son here which is very promising and would make a perfect match for her !

Kría3 Kría2 Kría Kría1 Kría hófskegg


Than there is Blóma born 2009 ridden. Most likely 5 gated but chooses trot but knows tölt. She has a 1.prize father and her mother was trained a bit under the saddle. Blóma might also give only pinto offspring’s because of her spceial dots all over her body. Both eyes are blue.

Blóma2 Blóma

Bjargarleikarnir 2015

Last Saturday our breeding/horse club, Framfari held his yearly fun competition we call now Bjargarleikarnir.  Anna Kristín and Auður Karen competed in children’s class on Bleikur and Hróðný and Anna came in second place and Auður Karen in third place. Auðbjörn did not make it in the top five with Djarfur and Móna. Auður Karen than decided to try out 100m pace with Maren and that was great first try for them but they were in second place with the time 10.79 and she was competing with quite many with a lot of experience and much older as well, her father was in 5th place with my Aría.11721150_10204958342858177_1797823496_n 11733275_10204958346338264_990595814_n 11714285_10204958344258212_2005034025_n 11714326_10204958346498268_193422318_n 11722028_10204958346098258_2048159851_n

All results are here:

The youngest group 9 years and younger not placed in seat but everyone get medals.

Karin Thelma- Gyðja frá Miðkoti  ( she got the reward statue that is drawn be tween competitors in this class ) 

Ólafur Dagur- Svipur frá Staðartungu

Ólafur Stefánsson- Eldur frá Björgum

Ylva Sól- Aspar Snúður frá Brimisvöllum

Ævar Ottó- Sómi frá Frostastöðum


Children’s class:

Egill Már- Sóldögg frá Skriðu

Anna Kristín- Bleikur frá Hólum 2. place

Auður Karen- Hróðný frá Syðri-Reykjum 3. place

Jónsteinn Helgi- Gustur frá Hálsi 4. place

Bjarney- Gjafar frá Syðra-fjalli 5. place


Teenager’s :

Bjarki Fannar- Vænting frá Hrafnagili 1. place

Baldur Logi- Urður frá Skriðu 2. place

Freyja- Sómi frá Litlu-Brekku 3. place

Kristín Ellý- Eldar frá Björgum 4. place

Oddrún- Kvistur frá Ólafsbergi


Women’s :

Fanndís- Þytur frá narfastöðum 1. place

Klara- Nös frá Naustum 2. place

Karen- Þórir frá Björgum 3. place

Sigríður Kristín- Birta frá Skriðu 4. place

Marie- Taktur frá Tóftum 5. place


Men’s :

Jón Páll- Glóð frá Hólakoti 1. place

Vignir- Danni frá Litlu-Brekku 2. place

Sigmar- Þorri frá Ytri-Hofdölum 3. place

Þór- Þokkadís frá Sandá 4. place

Ríkharður- Þrenning frá Glæsibæ 5. place



Arnar- Ísöld frá Fornhaga 1. place

Sigurður H.- Júní frá Barká 2. place

Ingvi Þór- Bessi frá Björgum 3. place

Sigurður B.- Kringla frá Steinsstöðum 4. place

Sigurður V.- Sómi frá Frostastöðum 5. place


100 M pace floating start:

Þór- Ösp frá Ytri-Bægisá 10.75 SEK

Auður Karen- Maren frá Vestri-Leirárgörðum 10.79 SEK

Jón Páll- Glóð frá Hólakoti 11.18 SEK

Árni Gísli- Vera frá Síðu 11.32 SEK

Auðbjörn- Aría frá Breiðumörk 11.75 SEK


Last foal !

Finally the last foal is born and it was a stallion foal from Meiriháttar and Kjarkur from Skriða. María is the breeder and owner and his name is Kjarni.



So 10 foals ( we sold one pregnant mare ) were born here this year and 7 mares and 2 stallion foals. Eight of the foals belong to us. All of our mares are now with stallion and we are expecting 7 foals next year if all goes as planned. Magdalena went to Konsert from Hofi and has been sonar tested pregnant and than the other mares are with the young Spuni son, Bátur from Brúnum.



magdalena-og-siggi e5b91fc44b6b1db799effa5694eef0e8

Magdalena and Konsert.

Fjórðungsmót Austurlands 2015

Last Wednesday we drove to Egilsstaðir and staid there until yesterday. Anna Kristín were competing at Fjórðungsmót Austurlands in Tölt ( children’s class ) and gæðingakeppni ( children’s class ) and she did well with her horse Bleikur which she has taken care of training all by herself for few years now. They can do better with more practice in competitions. Anna is also very shy and with more experience we hope that it will boost up her confidence. I took some photos of her and here are some.

Bleikur Bleikur1 Bleikur2 Bleikur3 Bleikur4 Bleikur5 Bleikur6 Bleikur7 Bleikur8 Bleikur9 Bleikur10 Bleikur11 Bleikur12 Bleikur13 Bleikur14 Bleikur15

Waiting and finally some rewards.

Anna að bíða verðlaun2 verðlaun1 verðlaun


Now I have added out few new riding photos of young Dáð. She is turning 5 years old and is after Hófur from Varmalæk and Stilling from Sölvholt. If you click on her name you can see few more photos.

Dáð 4 Dáð 6 Dáð 3 Dáð 2 Dáð


The weather was quite fantastic today and has been really nice this past week. I visited the young Spuni son we have here with our mares and I could not resist taking photos of these two, Hátíð and her daughter Hugmynd after Kjarkur from Skriða.

Hugmynd og Hátíð2 Hugmynd og Hátíð1 Hugmynd og Hátíð Hátíð og Hugmynd1 Hátíð og Hugmynd Flottar mæðgur

Næla and her daughter Fylking also after Kjarkur wanted some as well and than one of the stallion had to follow.


Næla og Fylking Næla Næla og Fylking1 Bátur

París and Sóldís

Both París and Sóldís are sold now ! They will leave Iceland in September or so. We wish the new owner all the best.

París audur og paris211652108_10205935410896256_1306972338_n Sóldís

Than we found out two days ago that Vala were not pregnant but she was sonar tested in September with small fetus and we were not expecting foal from her before August but than there is no foal, so she is now with the Spuni son Bátur from Brúnum. We have now castrated few of our stallions for example Vala son Vandi.

Vandi3 Vandi1


Linsa8 linsa14d


New foal, competition and more.

Last weekend Anna Kristín took part in gæðingakeppni Léttis at Akureyri on her horse Bleikur. They came in 3rd place before the finals and did better than and ended in second place. Here are some photos taken in the finals.

Bleikur6 Bleikur5 Bleikur7 Bleikur4 Bleikur3 Bleikur Bleikur2 Bleikur1 Bleikur8 Verðlaun


Our newest foal is the mare foal Hugmynd after the amazing stallion Kjarkur from Skriða 8.30 and Hátíð from Hóli 7.95

Hugmynd4 Hugmynd2


Than last but not least Vaka is sold and will go to Germany in September. We wish the new owner all the best.

Vaka vaka3



Early in June Snörp from Hólakot was shown in a breeding show at Akureyri. Jón Björn bpught Snörp when she was 3 years old and he is very happy with his mare. Snörp got 8.03 for confirmation and 7.77 for riding as a 4 gaiter and 7.88 in total score. Snörp is a very good mare for sport competitions with her equally good gates. The photos are taken at the breeding show and the rider was Agnar Þór and than yesterday when Anna Kristín was having fun with her.

Snörp 9 Snörp 8 Snörp 5 Snörp 4 Snörp 3 Snörp 2 Snörp í kynbótadómi 7 Snörp í kynbótadómi 6

Snörp9 Snörp1 Snörp3 Snörp4 Snörp5 Snörp6 Snörp7 Snörp8


Höfuð 8
Háls/herðar/bógar 8.5
Bak og lend 8
Samræmi 7.5
Fótagerð 8.5
Réttleiki 7
Hófar 8
Prúðleiki 8
Sköpulag 8.03

Tölt 8.5
Brokk 8
Skeið 5
Stökk 8.5
Vilji og geðslag 8.5
Fegurð í reið 8
Fet 8.5
Hæfileikar 7.77
Hægt tölt 7.5
Hægt stökk 8
Aðaleinkunn 7.88

Snörp is FOR SALE !

And here are photos of our new mare Móna which we exchanged instead of Glæða. Móna is very nice for sure !

Móna9 Móna8 Móna7 Móna6 Móna5 Móna4 Móna2 Móna1 Móna

This one never fails us, Nöf and Auður Karen.


Last night Eva gave birth to this lovely mare after Markús from Langholtspartur, breeder and owner is Natalie.

11355393_10205899850087258_774891930_n 11419769_10205899848087208_160716247_n 11421534_10205899850447267_1422294942_n 11647314_10205899850207261_170186190_n

The name is Eydís from Gásum. Magdalena is now with Konsert from Hofi and Sveifla, Næla, Þrístikla and París are all with the Spuni son Bátur from Brúnum. Bátur is here at Gásum and will meet few other mares belonging to us and others.

11269391_10205892318178965_1053713994_n 11418204_10205892319338994_1238837250_n

Better photos will come later of Bátur.


The holiday

I have no words for the amazing welcoming and hospitality Nadine and her husband Michael showed us at their home for one week in Switzerland. They drove us around and invited us for lunch on different restaurant and as well at their home. We saw horses and rode few as well. We visited Europa Park in Germany for one day and the weather was amazing the whole time as well. We just hope that when they visit us we can do the same for them. Than of course our dear friend Natalie and her boyfriend were also super nice and spend time with us and invited us for dinner and trip to the mountain. Here are photos that Nadine took and send me.

11120922_10206922243633265_1795989101_n 11423841_10206930100029670_317958516_n 11117935_10206930087149348_1840062465_n 11425857_10206930088389379_564999769_n 11117509_10206902207372371_1240706359_n 11421570_10206920524430286_1615820012_n 11355522_10206930094589534_492361182_n 11350329_10206928426667837_1287724825_n 11349047_10206920524670292_3238710_n 11348976_10206920527430361_1569772354_n 11348903_10206920527350359_1076247426_n 11335810_10206922248953398_921791774_n 11334365_10206920524270282_669681612_n 11350132_10206930103829765_1233330893_n 11304475_10206930093829515_1423172958_n 11304414_10206930100549683_594105362_n 11304255_10206930090709437_1585053743_n 11304211_10206930102669736_88547484_n 11297823_10206930100109672_212716213_n 11292881_10206922202112227_1773533101_n 11291329_10206920523630266_2017285140_n 11291375_10206920523430261_429301554_n 11289940_10206930102909742_1254742639_n 11289627_10206930102709737_1575418577_n 11289591_10206920527190355_1270121993_n 11287370_10206920523790270_465410717_n 11287155_10206902206732355_741330375_n 11281835_10206930090309427_290679971_n 11272099_10206922208392384_78431932_n 11125620_10206920527310358_804971349_n 11131719_10206922202192229_40003377_n


More photos will come later !

More foals

Yes 3 more foals are born now and two of them belongs to us. Magdalena gave us a black stallion foal which has gotten the name Markús and Næla gave us black mare foal yesterday morning whom Auðbjörn named Fylking. I haven’t taken any photos of Fylking yet but soon.


I took new photos of Sigurdís the other day and also Brá.

Sigurdís2 Sigurdís sæta Sigurdís4 Brá

And one of the two sisters Þrístikla and Sveifla with their sisters Brá and Sigurdís.

Þrístikla,Brá, Sveifla og Sigurdís


And this owl was outside Auður bedroom window one evening when she was going to bed.

Uglan1 Uglan

We are soon going to Switzerland to visit our dear friends Natalie, Nadine and families and we will stay for 1 week. Three sheep’s are still left to give birth and 5 mares. Next one in line will most likely be Hátíð and than Rut. This mare her below is Líf from Sandá. Auðbjörn gave her to me at my last birthday ( august 2014 ) and she arrived to us only few days ago. Love her and her color !



Now most of our horses are from Gásir ! We have moved and changed our breeding name into Gásir from Hólakot but our page is still It will take me some time to change it on our page but all in good time right will be right.